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MSMEs serve as important engines for trade and economic growth in the Asia Pacific. They account for 96% of all enterprises and employ 62% of the labour workforce (Asian Development Bank, 2015). For instance, there are over 188,000 MSMEs in Singapore, 650,000 MSMEs in Malaysia and over 50 million MSMEs in larger economies such as India and China.

These small companies have a huge influence on trade, but face several challenges. In particular, they do not have ready access to government officials, and even when and if they do, they lack the ability to communicate and couch their problems in ways that government officials will feel compelled to act on. As a result, they are not able to compete with larger corporations who have dedicated government relations teams, created expressly for this purpose. AMTC can help level the playing field and allow you to compete with them on a more equal footing.

Purpose of the AMTC

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As the largest voice of MSMEs in the Asia Pacific, the AMTC is committed to facilitating the trade of goods and services by MSMEs in the region, as well as serving as a bridge between government officials and you.

The purpose of the AMTC is to shape and influence trade policies that are MSME-friendly in collaboration with various different stakeholders.

AMTC Mission

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We are a diverse group of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) from across the Asia Pacific. In leveraging our combined resources, we aim to help you capitalize on trade opportunities and grow your business.


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  • Train small companies to trade more across borders;
  • Facilitate the regionalisation/internationalisation of MSME through more permissible trade policies
  • Provide a collaborative environment for MSME to share and grow their knowledge of trade-related topics and markets
  • A data repository for the common challenges and problems that MSME face.
    Serve as a platform which aggregates these common concerns/issues and present them to government officials
  • Involve MSME in the decision-making processes of various regional/international trade related initiatives

AMTC Objectives

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  • Help our members grow their business
  • Connect our members with the tools they need to compete with larger players
  • Level the playing field by working with governments across the region