Work Experience at AMTC

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Author: Bennett Okun

Internships can be a valuable form of education as they teach you a whole host of skills such as discipline, teamwork, deadlines, as well as teaching you the impact your work has on others. There are many options for internships in Singapore, which means you do not have to go to somewhere far away to get great experience.

With the upcoming summer bound to be full of work that needs to get done for my classes, EE research and writing, looking at prospective universities and hanging out with friends, finding time for real life experience in an office environment will be tough. That is why for the first week of the past December break I interned at the Asia Pacific MSME Trade Coalition (AMTC).

The AMTC works to bring SMEs training courses and other resources that will benefit them in talking to government, both their own and foreign. It provides training for SMEs in trade agreements and how the SME can use trade agreements effectively for their own gain. Trade agreements are underutilized as governments create them looking for the best deals in their eyes, not in the eyes of SMEs.

At the AMTC, I worked on compiling a list of big tech companies, such as Google and Facebook, that provide training courses, some of which are free, to Small Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in and around South East Asia. I spent long hours doing deep dives on the internet hunting for courses and conferences that are open and available to SMEs that the AMTC works with.

In the end, I was able to amass a list of 12 courses that are available to SMEs in Asia. The list will be put onto the AMTC website so that their clients are made aware of what is being done to help further their business endeavors. Besides helping bring new information to companies that need it, I was taught some very valuable skills that cannot be fully understood until used in a practical work environment.

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About the author: Bennett Okun is the Founding Editor of Dover Today.